Thursday, January 22, 2009

Coming Up For...Blog Air?

Yes, dear friends and family, I still exist. Sometimes life, this time in the form of a sick nearly-two-year-old, just demands 100% of my attention. And I do mean one hundred percent.

Sweet Pea has barely released me since Tuesday morning. While I must say I have enjoyed the opportunity to love on and hold my usually fiercely independent semi-toddler, I am just about ready for someone else to share the love.

Why is it that when sickness strikes, Daddy will most certainly not do, even when Daddy is perfectly willing to do? No, it must be Mommy.

I'll leave that to be pondered another day. Just now Sweet Pea has perked up enough to actually, you know, go somewhere that is not my lap, so I intend to take full advantage.

How sad is it that, for me, that means catching up on the blog world and such like pursuits? Don't answer that.


Lisa said...

I hope sweet pea feels better soon!

Ha- I almost posted her name as "sweat" pea. Good thing I caught that before it posted. Gross. =)

Karabeth said...

Missed you and Sweet Pea last night. Welcome back to the world(?).

Glad our Sweet Pea is feeling good enough to be independent once more. It's one of her many endearing qualities.

ginellebaskin said...

Sorry Sweet Pea has been so sick. Hope she feels better soon. And I know how tiring it can be when your child demands Mommy and only Mommy. Its sweet at first but then really annoying.

Renae said...

Hope she feels better soon.

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