Monday, January 5, 2009

The Awards are Rolling In...

Or one anyway. My lovely, gracious, and brilliant mother (who can be found blogging here) has seen fit to bestow this also lovely award on Candid Diversions:

This makes all that work on the three-template page worth it. Almost.

As always, these awards do not come "No Strings Attached".

Here are the rules:
Link to the person who gave you the award.
Name seven recipients of your own. (As per my mom's instructions, it is okay if you can't come up with that many. Just try to brighten the day of as many people as you can.)

I offer this award to:

1. Kelly. Wherever she may now be blogging. She knows way more about HTML than I do and her blog changes so often you never know what you'll see next time. They're all cool. Just like Kelly.

2. Jessica. Her new blog look is super cute. She also has a decorating blog. Did I mention she has two adorable little ones? 'Cause she does.

3. Tarah. She's got style. And she likes vintage things. Did I mention she has an adorable daughter?

4. Renae. She is kind enough to follow my blog and leave me kind comments. Her blog always inspires me.

5. Michelle. Beautiful blog. I actually started reading a blog by Michelle because I really liked the Toile header she had. Now I stay for the great content - but the toile doesn't hurt, either.

6. Amy of Buffaloes and Butterfly Wings. Beautiful family. Beautiful faith. Beautiful blog.

7. MacKenzie. Although her husband may not like their blog being called "lovely". If we must, we can say that only her posts are "lovely". His are "manly and certainly not lovely." Or something like that.

Now I'm off to add my new award to my left side-bar. 'Cause, you know, I have two. Three column format and all that. Thank goodness for brothers-in-law who can fix computer problems or Candid Diversions would have died an inglorious death. OK, I exaggerate. But thank goodness for brothers-in-law anyway.


Karabeth said...

Oh, great! Now everyone will think I just gave you an award in order to elicit all the exuberant (my word of the day) compliments from you. But, hey! Whatever works, right?

Love ya!


Amy said...

Wow! Thanks! :)

Renae said...

Thank you so much! Does this mean we get to have tea? Cause I would really like that. :)

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