Saturday, January 24, 2009

32 Reasons

Happy Birthday, Philip!

And here, in no particular order, are 32 reasons why I call him "Prince Charming". (Why 32, you ask? Duh.)

1. His sense of humor. Pretty much necessary to deal with me and my family, I'd say. Plus, it matches mine 99%.

2. He is creative. Just ask him about what new board game he's designing. The man has an amazing gift.

3. He's artistic. I mean it: painting, drawing, poetry writing...I could go on. Which, by the way, when you going to write me a poem again, dear?

4. He is good great with children. Pretty much all children, but especially our own. I can't imagine a better dad.

5. He prays with us.

6. And for us.

7. He reads Bible stories to us after supper. And he reads aloud to our girls.

8. He helps get the girls ready on Sunday mornings. He just doesn't do hair. Or dress picking out. But all the rest: he's there and it's done and I only have to fix hair, tie bows and make sure everyone looks like their socks match.

9. He watches, and apparently enjoys, Jane Austen movies with me. Have I mentioned he's even read some Austen, just because I love it so much?

10. He likes the same sci-fi as I do. Mostly. I never have figured out that Stargate thing.

11. He sings. Well.

12. I supposed I should mention that he is very musical, in general. He can play trumpet & violin well, the piano a smidge, and he used to play clarinet.

13. He challenges me: he is smart enough for me to argue with.

14. But not so smart I can't understand what he is talking about.

15. He apologizes. And he accepts my apologies.

16. He encourages my writing. He enjoys reading the things I write (not that I've let him read much, yet).

17. He, well, let's just be honest, he is extremely good looking. Extremely. Even my great-aunts think so, so that settles that.

18. He laughs with me but he does not, under any circumstances, laugh at me. Unless I'm already laughing at myself. Then it's OK.

19. He's a night owl, just like me. Most of our best talks are somewhere around midnight or 1 AM.

20. He agrees with me on politics.

21. And religion. Or maybe I agree with him. Whatever. We're in one accord, as the Bible puts it. (And no, that doesn't mean we drive a Honda).

22. He doesn't care much about sports, so I haven't had to spend very much time watching him watch games or teams on TV I don't care about. And he consents to go to one Major League Baseball game a year with me, which is the only time I ever care about sports.

23. He handles gross stuff so I don't have to. And he's changed nearly as many diapers as I have.

24. He's more extroverted than I am, but not a lot. Just enough to draw me out of my shell and make sure we both have fun.

25. He's usually optimistic, but not annoyingly so.

26. He's a great cook. But he's willing to eat my cooking. Which isn't bad, you understand, but his tastes do run to a bit fancier (complicated?) stuff than I usually prepare.

27. OK, this one is just between the two of us. Move along.

28. He loves to read and loves to discuss what he's reading with me. This is only a problem if he happens to be reading Patrick O'Brien as my eyes tend to glaze over. Everything else (books on doctrine, theology, politics, education, classic fiction, etc.) is a joy.

29. He listens to me. I can't even explain how important this is to me.

30. He calls my grandparents "Our Grandparents". And they all love him. He loves my parents, sisters, and brother. He adds his own easy going flavor to our occasionally hot-headed dynamic. Of course, it goes without saying that we have enriched his life as well. He still can't talk as fast as us, though.

31. He's committed to following God with all his heart. He leads our family to do what is right. He loves God's Word & the work of God. He wants to do things of eternal significance. Because he belongs to God first, and seeks His Will, I come to my last point:

32. He's all mine.


Karabeth said...

Happy Birthday Philip! We love you!

You're 32?! But I've known you since you were 8 so how could that be? It's a miracle that you were able to pass me up in age (but don't say "and in maturity as well").

All kidding aside, we're proud to call you son. (The in-law part is only so other people can identify you.)

Lisa said...

Wishing you many many many happy birthday wishes, Philip!

Philip said...

Thanks, everybody (and especially to my lovely wife, Karen)! I would have trouble thinking up 32 clever reasons I like anything, let alone another person--maybe I'll have to give that a try come May 19!

onthecreekagain said...

Sounds like you've got a keeper. Happy birthday to Phillip. I've got a keeper too though he doesn't cook, clean and never changed too many diapers. He loves cars and I love cooking. He reads car stuff and I read cookbooks and he watches ballgames while I cook, clean or sew. Now that I think about it we don't have a lot in common. ;-) We love each other anyway. :-)
Hope your weekend is a good one!

Stephen said...

Wait a second, you forgot a reason:

His family is totally awesome! Especially his brother.

:-) Happy birthday, Philip, from your FB.

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Philip!!

Karen- Isn't awesome how God blesses us with the perfect person? God is good!

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