Saturday, December 20, 2008

This Day Seven Years Ago...

I looked and felt something like this:
Only, you know, not as graceful.

But then (oh, but then):

She came along. It was a long labor. A long hard labor. They call it "labor" for a reason. That's one thing I learned December 20, 2001.

Another thing I learned is that perfection can exist in 7lb. 11 oz. of perfectly formed baby girl.

She was the perfect gift. And we knew it, certainly in our hearts but even in our woefully sleep deprived brains.

One thing I didn't know then: the time goes by far too quickly.

This is my baby now:

She is a talker. ("Does she ever quit talking?" People have asked. Answer: no. She even talks in her sleep.)

She is smart. Too smart for her own good, sometimes.

She is beautiful. No picture taken with a camera does her justice. Her eyes, that's what'll get you. They are impossibly blue and big. And wise. (Some people call that "old soul". Since I don't believe in "old souls", I'm not sure what to call it. But it's there.)

She is helpful, spiritually-minded, gentle, nurturing ("bossy", some say), and good-hearted.

And she is ours.

She changed my life. She still changes my life on a daily basis.

That's my Polly.


beautifulcollision said...

Hey, I'm new to blogger, and your page caught my attention. :] i love "We're all book crazy. Make that just generally crazy" haha. Anyway, I'm Natalie. Nice to 'meet' you.

Anonymous said...


I KNOW her!

Pastor Dad

I love her very much

Lisa said...

Tell Polly I love her very much and I hope she has a wonderful birthday. Don't party to hard! See you in a few days! =)

Karabeth said...

I remember that day, too. Just wait until your baby starts having babies. It is easier to go through it than to know someone you love is going through it. (At least epidurals work for you.)

Most people hate to have December birthdays, and yet, I think babies are about the best gift EVER!

We are very thankful for the blessing of sharing Polly's life.

Amy Jane (Untangling Tales) said...

I would love for someone of a "one life" philosophy to come up with a term for that "old soul"ness.

The hard thing to me is I've yet to hear old soul described in a way that doesn't "diss" the rest of us.

(I would have been described as an old soul when I was a child, but now that I've grown into myself I'm no longer extraordinary.)

A very happy day to you all.

Jodi said...

Happy Birthday Polly !!!!!!!!!!

Philip said...

I got to play some Barbies with Polly tonight. A first. We told her she couldn't have any Barbies until see was seven. I guess I never really considered the possibility of that day ever arriving. Sure, I thought she'd eventually grow up, but here she is, right this minute, a half-grown barely-a-kid Polly. Please don't mention anything about anyone turning sixteen. Thanks.

Amy said...

Happy (belated) Birthday, Polly!

She IS a beautiful girl. It amazes me how fast they grow up. My oldest is 5 and seems to change every day... right before my eyes!

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