Monday, December 1, 2008

That's Not Good

Prince Charming and I were co-ordinating our calendars this morning. December, as usual, promises to be a very exciting month. We attempt to keep outside engagements to a minimum, but even so, it's a challenge to figure out what needs to happen when. Which led to this conversation:

Prince Charming: As far as I can see, the only time we have to do Christmas shopping is right now.
Me: Right this minute?
Prince Charming: Yep. Right now. Or maybe a few hours next Thursday. That's it.
Me: We had better get going. Right now.

How does December manage to sneak up like this? There we are, blissfully flying through the other eleven months while December hovers in the background, giggling madly. "They'll never see me coming this time."

And December is always right. Except for that year I gave birth in December. I had all my Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving that year. Maybe I should pretend a baby is on the way every year.

But, if you will excuse me, I have 57 million things to do. Right now.

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Anonymous said...

I'm hoping our busy days are behind us. December is our unwind time. I guess because we don't participate in the activities of the season. I stock up on food and supplies so I don't have to frequent the stores during this busy time.
Hope you find all the time you need to get your things all done up. Take some time to read and drink some hot cocoa every now and then and maybe eat some chocolate fudge or pudge as we call it here. Named after the after effects of eating it. :-)
Enjoy the winter weather we're having!

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