Friday, December 5, 2008

Our Homeschool December

Over at Heart of the Matter online folks are talking about the holidays. Here's what goes on 'round these parts.

We do:

- Celebrate Christmas!
- Make a list of all things we would like to do (ride train at the mall, watch certain movies, bake certain cookies, etc.)
- Read from our extensive Christmas book collection. This year is the first that Polly has really enjoyed reading them by herself. She's read The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey aloud to her younger sisters at least twice already. These are books we only bring out after Thanksgiving and all the girls love looking at them and having them read.
- Take off for about two weeks, roughly around the same time as our local school districts take off.

We don't:

- Emphasize Santa Claus. We have fun reading the stories and poems. We have fun watching movies (Rudolph!). We do not pretend that Santa comes to our house. Our children know he isn't "real". We still manage to have fun. And yes, we do try to prevent our children from spoiling things for other children. So far, so good.
- Emphasize Jesus' birthday. The reason is simple: December 25th is, most likely, not the birth date of our Savior. If God had wanted us to know the exact date, it'd be right there in Scripture. We're still grateful for the opportunity to reflect on Jesus coming to Earth, and the eternal repercussions of His doing so.
- Have special lessons. We continue with our usual studies (Math, History, Science, & Reading. We ease up on Grammar for a bit). We do crafts and activities from the list mentioned above, but these are not from my school planning. They're more spontaneous, if you can consider listing everything first spontaneous.

So far we have not:
- Learned about other December holidays (Hanukkah). We will eventually study Jewish holidays (feasts and fasts). But we haven't yet. I have absolutely no plans at all to study other Winter observances (Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice).

It's a busy month for us. Polly's birthday is right before Christmas and we always have a party. We've managed to make it special for her, I think, because she told me that she loves having her birthday right before Christmas. Now, back to my mile long to do list.

And, it must be said, if there really were a Santa Claus "making a list and checking it twice", Tigger would be on the "naughty" list. It's been that kind of day.

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