Friday, December 12, 2008

On Today's Agenda:

- Baking. Lots of baking.

- Removing non-Christmas items so Christmas items can be out. This is about half completed.

- Christmas card addressing.

- Call to Grandma concerning an upcoming Birthday Girl.

- Protect our newly decorated Christmas tree from the Ornament Marauder. (That would be Sweet Pea.)

- Thursday tasks that didn't get done because we went shopping / Christmas tree buying / Christmas tree decorating / watched a family movie on Thursday.

- Usual Friday tasks. Plus all the baking already mentioned.

- Some Saturday tasks because I think we're squeezing in yet more shopping tomorrow afternoon.

So, with all this to do, why am I sitting here blogging? Catch you later - I've got lots of pictures from yesterday to share.

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Lisa said...

Speaking of birthday girls.....can you give me any ideas what she would like this year? Also, christmas gift ideas would be appreciated for all the girls.

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