Thursday, December 18, 2008

In Which I Share Some News

I have a little hint for those of you thinking of making a change in your appearance:

If you've cut your hair short after having it long for a very long time and your little sister (who is inexplicably all of sudden old enough to be married and having babies) brings ultrasound pictures to church of your new but already completely adorable nephew (Nephew!), no one will notice you.

Not that, you know, that's a bad thing, exactly. You might just want to get your hair chopped off on a day that baby pictures are not forthcoming, is all I'm saying.

In other news:
- Princess is having a boy. I have a nephew! (You might have already caught this news, but I'm excited! And I predicted he was a boy so my record of being right on things continues! And I'm using way too many exclamation points today!)

- Polly's birthday fast approacheth. She turns the big 0-7 on Saturday. Considering she talks /acts like she's going on 25 all the time, this is not such a big leap. But how did my baby get so big?!

- Christmas shopping is done. Except for maybe one more thing for Sweet Pea. And anything for Prince Charming. That's right: I don't have one single gift for the man of the house. I told him I'm not getting him anything but he just laughs.

- We now have a mountain of gifts to be wrapped. Which we can't wrap, because Sweet Pea thinks her mission in life is to unwrap packages. And possibly, to eat the contents, whether the item is considered edible or not. So that's not working for us right now.

- And did I mention I got my hair cut?


Kelly said...

I sort of noticed last night! I wasn't sure though, and then I saw the pictures and played "I Spy" and forgot to say something. But I wondered what was different. :)

Jodi said...

It's not nice to tell us about a new haircut and not include even ONE picture!!!! :) lol come on girl, I want to see pics!!!! :)

Yay! On being Auntie to a new little fella ... I'm quickly learning boys are soooooooo different than girls and yet so much fun !!! :)

Anonymous said...

Yay for nephews!!!

And you mentioned a haircut but you didn't post pictures, so I guess we'll believe it when we see it. :P


Anonymous said...

I noticed but I thought maybe you were having a bad hair day.

Pastor Dad

P.S. Just kidding :)

Renae said...

Oh, yes, pictures please! I've had short hair most of my life. I think it's cause I'm too lazy to mess with it every day. ;)

Karabeth said...

Well, considering that your hair was also curled, I did notice a general change but not the specific fact that it was shorter.

And yes, I do plead guilty to being caught up in the pictures of my new little grandson.

I'm beggin' your forgiveness! :(

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