Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm Not Here

Well, I mean, I'm here. But I'm not there. Of course, it doesn't matter where "here" is, right? As long as there's a computer handy, that is.

Anyhoo, we are on the first leg of our trip around the world Christmas. Just kidding. We are only visiting Prince Charming's folks for approximately 58 hours before heading back to civilization our place. (That was a joke. Promise.)

The reason for such a down to the hour trip is because I must be back home in order to visit with my fabulous sister, who is even now on her way to the place I just left. Oh, and I need to see some other folks too, of course. It just wouldn't be Christmas Eve without cramming our entire extended family into my grandparents' house. Back when I was a girl they lived in a different house and the adults would just throw all the children in the basement. Occasionally an adult would come to the stairs to restore order. Or something like that.

If Uncle J. came: fun bordering on frightening would begin. (Hide and Seek in the dark basement with mean older cousins just itching to scare the daylights out of you.) Beats me why the adults would ever send him down to check on us.

If my dad came to the top of the stairs: no sweat. He's not coming down. He's just doing his job, sounding adult. "Calm down, down there," he might say. Or he might come down and play Atari. (I'm really dating myself now!)

If my aunt came down: Probably ought to calm down a bit. Because After Aunt C. comes...

Papaw: Your party is over. Someone "might get hurt". So stop having fun.

Just kidding, of course. Mostly we had free reign over the basement.

But those days are over. Now Papaw and Mamaw only have a laundry room. And it just isn't the same for the younger crowd. It's hard to get anything going when the grown ups are in the next room.

So, to sum up:

I'm not there, I'm here. But I'll be there again soon.

Did I mention that Sweet Pea's clothes are not here? Except for one outfit which inexplicably made it into my suitcase. Sweet Pea doesn't care. She's got her pajamas, which she would happily wear all day anyway. But proprieties must be observed. So someone is going to have to go out and pick up some cute little outfits for Sweet Pea. Oh, the travails of travel.


Karabeth said...

It would've been nice to know years ago that you had the whole parental psychology thing figured out. Maybe some changes would've been made. Then again, maybe not. :)

I don't even want to know how Sweet Pea's suitcase got there sans clothes! Except, you know, maybe next time you'll want to try that little trick with your own wardrobe and see what happens!

And forget about kids and Santa Claus sightings on Christmas Eve. Our household has that hysteria beat with Lulu sightings! Looks like she's in KY rapidly approaching OH as we speak. It will be a Merry Christmas no matter what!

P.S. Tell Mem and Pop that we said "hi."

Amy said...

Do you remember when uncle j used to play monkey in the middle with us down in the basement? Now that was dangerous...there was always some kind of drama going on by the end of the night. Guess that's what you get with so many girls in the basement. Lol!

Lisa said...

My favorite was pickle- especially when Dad and Jeff would play with us. Ahh good times.

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