Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tigger-isms on Turkey Day

These are actual Tigger quotes made during the course of the day:

On sports: "I don't like football. It's not my favorite team."

When remembering to cover her mouth when she coughed: "See, Mom? I'm pushing my coughs back in my mouth!"

When realizing that Daddy and Uncle had gone and taken Sweet Pea but no one else: "You mean Daddy left you here? All alone?" (Author's note: I was not alone. Her sister, her Pop & Mem, and Tigger herself were all here with me.)

To a semi-grouchy game playing uncle: "You can just go to bed, if you want. Go on to bed." (Author's note: It was approximately 7:15 CST)

To a sister not playing along properly: "Smile for the camera." - Mom intervenes, tells big sister to play along with Tigger's pretending and play picture taking - "Polly! That's not a good smile."

There were more, but I've lost them, probably due to food induced stupor. I knew I should have blogged about them immediately.

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