Tuesday, November 25, 2008

They're Here...Oh, Wait, That's Us

After an uneventful but seemingly abnormally long trip yesterday (Could've been Prince Charming's dull delightful audio Patrick O'Brien book. Or not. I'm just sayin'.) we arrived at our first stop on the Great Thanksgiving Tour of '08.

A good time was had by all at this stop. Pizza was eaten (lots and lots of pizza). Games were played (both willingly and under duress). Laughter was shared. Dirt was eaten.

Oh, wait, that last thing only Sweet Pea did. While both parents, both older sisters, her uncle, and her Great-Grandmother were all otherwise occupied, Sweet Pea helped herself to the potting soil of one of Grandmother's potted plants. If she had only kept it to herself...but no, she didn't. She spread it around on the carpet.

Grandmother is worried about the Miracle Grow used on the aforesaid plant. So, if Sweet Pea turns out to be abnormally tall when she is grown up, you all will know why.

And that was just the beginning of our escapades (sounds more fun than "trials"). We are now safely ensconced at our third stop of the trip. So far, so good.

In other words, Sweet Pea hasn't sampled the plants here, yet. There's always tomorrow. Or the next day. Or the next...And what about the news that one of Prince Charming's young cousins has the...wait for it...Chicken Pox?!

Stay tuned: Will the girls manage to shake off their persistent colds? Will chicken pox be shared among the family despite vaccinations which supposedly prevent such occurrences? Will turkey or ham be more popular in the two days we manage to stretch out the festivities? And will yours truly finally beat Prince Charming at Agricola? (cue classic sitcom organ music)

Gas prices? $1.59 a gallon. Emergency Starbucks for everyone? $10. Cough syrup, steam treatment, & cough drops? $20. Lots of blog material and stories to tell over and over again? Priceless.

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Karabeth said...

Glad to know your trip is going well and that Sweet Pea is Sweet Pea no matter where she is. :)

We are safely settled at the home of Dan and Lisa. The dogs are good, just in case you were wondering.

(Yes, I got your mail before I left.)

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