Thursday, November 13, 2008

Then Again, Maybe Not

Well, my blogging fast turned out to be shorter than I intended. First, after the first few days, I just couldn't avoid turning on the computer. I know: excuses, excuses. But I had to check my email because of certain outside obligations. And I can't check my email without popping over to my blog. Right? Sure.

Second, my husband has convinced me that I am not being a hypocrite by blogging again. My fear of this possible hypocrisy comes for several reasons including the fact I don't think I can be completely open using this medium any more. After all, people I actually know (some of whom I actually like, ahem) read this little blog. The real me is angry and annoyed and conflicted right now. And that doesn't make for good blog reading. Which led to this conversation between my beloved and myself:

Me: I just don't think I can be candid any more.
Him: So?
Me: SO?! It's in the title of my blog. Candid Diversions. I promise to be candid, right there in my blog header.
Him: So? The only one setting such a high standard for yourself is you. No one else cares.

This is one reason (among 67,598,231, rough estimate) why I love this boy man. Thanks to him I have come to the conclusion that the title word "Candid" does not mean "Transparent". You may have already understood that little fact. Just because you meet the blog me does not mean you have met the real me. And, even if you know me in real life (side note: I find such a distinction increasingly meaningless) you still don't know the real me. But you might could bribe Prince Charming into sharing a few glimpses. No one knows me like he does. And yet he seems quite happy. Puzzler, that.

Yes, I will be blogging. And yes, despite not reading any news blogs, news sites, commentary, or the like for over a week and in the foreseeable future, I'll probably have a few negative things to say about this country we live in. Here's one for free: We, as a misguided self-absorbed people, have wholeheartedly embraced Socialism. Signed, sealed, and soon to be delivered. Just write "Ichabod" on all official documents now and be done with it. (1 Samuel 4:21-22, just in case you missed that Sunday School lesson).

Sorry, got a bit distracted there. Maybe I'd better stick to cute pictures of my girls for the next few posts. Fortunately, we have those in abundance.


Lisa said...

Yay! I'm so glad you're back!

Karabeth said...

I missed you! Hope I fall into the category of "some I actually like." :)

Your Prince Charming reminds me of someone else we all know and love. Two guesses who!

onthecreek said...

Glad you are back. I'm mad at our country too but God had other plans of things to take my mind off of it for the time being. Death of a beloved Grandaddy and the death of good friend's 26 year old son. So I've been in a not blogging much mood too. Family issues galore and saddness so deep it scared me for a while. But my God is a just God and he knows what I need when I need it.
Glad you are back to blogging.
Take care.

Kelly said...

I'm glad you're back!!! :)

Tarah said...

I am so glad that you decided to blog again. Reading your blog is a happy spot in my work day! :)

Anonymous said...

"Truth between candid minds can never do harm."

Thomas Jefferson (as quoted in the insert of Ben Stein's Expelled)

Pastor Dad

P.S. I really do enjoy your blog.

Amy Moore said...

I am so glad your back! I missed your blog!!:)

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