Saturday, November 22, 2008

No Easy Questions

Polly: "Is it true that God has a purpose for everything?"

Me: "Where did you hear that?"

Polly: "I heard Grandad say it once."

Me: "Well then."

Polly: "But is it true?"

Me: "..."

Why not just stab me in the heart next time, Little One? I am not ready to answer that question.

But she thinks I can answer any question, or, at the very least, Google it. I suspect the illusion of parents who know everything is beginning to crumble. Or it will once she realizes that I'm not actually answering her questions.

And why doesn't she ever hit her daddy with these things? It is ALWAYS me. No one warned me about that facet of motherhood. Despite a dad and a grandad who are preachers, she brings her deep theological thoughts to me.

There was a time when I would have given her a quick, easy answer. For reasons I won't go into, I don't do that any more. So I expect the questions are going to keep coming.

But next time I hope she asks me something easy, like "Where do babies come from?"

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Anonymous said...

I think God does have a purpose for everything. I also thought of Eccl. 3 when I read this. Children do ask us moms the hard stuff. Mine did anyway.
I think God has a plan and a purpose for all that happens though it may not be my cup of tea at the time. Like the election but even harder for me... suicide of a parent. For my good and His glory. I take it and trust His promises.
Take care.

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