Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Turned My Back for Five Seconds

Subtitle: Those warnings? They're there for a reason.

You know those warnings on toothpaste tubes about not eating it? They aren't kidding. Ask me how I know.

Now might be a good time to tell you that those of you who are faint of heart (men), might want to go read another blog now. I figure you moms can take it.

So last night, in the midst of all the jammies being put on, stories being read, drinks of water being given, toys being put away...in other words, the 57,268 things that must be done before this house is quiet the children are asleep, someone wasn't where she was supposed to be. Worse, everyone thought someone else was watching her. And someone, not to name names (OK, it was Tigger), left the kid toothpaste on the bathroom counter with the lid off.

Someone took full advantage of this perfect opportunity (distracted parents, dark bathroom, closed door) to squeeze out as much of that toothpaste as she wanted. Except we didn't realize that is what she did. (I'll take my bad parent of the year award now.)

Again, they are not kidding when they tell you not to eat this stuff. So last night, while Prince Charming and I are watching a movie, the youngest member of our household begins crying. Since I am snuggled under my favorite blanket with a mug of hot cocoa, He answers the cry. He covers her back up, but otherwise does nothing, sees nothing amiss, doesn't call me.

Big mistake.

This morning the older girls began yelling about sticky blue stuff all over Sweet Pea, her pillow, her blankets, and her pajamas. That would be sticky blue toothpaste vomit. (I warned you this was not for the faint of heart.)

Prince Charming, being the hero (albeit often oblivious) that he is, swept the babe into the tub, stripped her bed, and generally handled most of it. All I'm left with is the massive amount of laundry and a toddler who wants to snuggle constantly. And, let me just say, despite the bath, she does not smell entirely pleasant. I predict another bath in her very near future.

And much more direct adult supervision during the bedtime routine, for the foreseeable future. Like, until she's eighteen.


Lisa said...


MacKenzie said...

Yuck. I don't even want to imagine toothpaste vomit. But at least it wasn't vicks vapor rub. When my cousin was 3 or 4 he snuck off and brushed his teeth with the cream version of vicks (thinking it was toothpaste) and ended up having to have his stomach pumped.

Anonymous said...

Poor Sweet Pea. Hope she's feeling better. We had night time vomiting here too last night. It was hubby. He was oh so sick. He's in bed now napping. He's held down a few Cheerios today and a little bit of lunch. He skipped out on work. Poor feller. He hardly ever gets vomiting sick. He's all achy too. And no he didn't eat the toothpaste. :-)
Britt rubbed Blistex chap stick in her eyes when younger and we had to call the poison control center. We ended up with a shot to counteract the allergic reaction she had. Two swollen together eyes. And while I was on the phone to the poison control center she poured out a new bottle of shampoo in the bathtub. Yep, with swollen together eyes. She was a HANDFUL. :-) Right Britt?
Take care.

Amy said...

Oh my! Yuck! I don't know what to say??? Toothpaste vomit? Who knew!
I'm glad it (pretty much) turned out okay, and I hope she's feeling better today!

(Note to self.... be more vigilent about keeping toothpaste away from toddler!) - Thanks for the heads up! ;)

Renae said...

Oh, yuck! One of my children has emptied a tube or two of toothpaste, but she didn't eat it. She used it as paint for the walls, the sink, her hair...

Hope your little one feels better soon.

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