Friday, November 14, 2008

Girl Fun

Last week we had several, "Unseasonably warm days for November," to quote Miss Polly directly. Yes, Polly believes that the more syllables, the better the word. From whence came that idea? I'm sure I don't know.

Anyhow, thanks to these lovely days, Prince Charming took it upon himself to take some pictures of the girls playing outside. And, because he is their father and not their mother, he didn't brush their hair, or wash their faces, or anything else, really. We should be thankful they all had clothes on, I suppose.

Note their leaf pile:
They raked that together themselves. Then Polly informed me that I owed her $10 for all that work. Suffice it to say: no deal.

Polly, no doubt contemplating how to be paid for raking a girl size pile of leaves. Too bad her parents are so cheap frugal. This girl has an idea a minute. And she talks faster than she can think, sometimes. She is, quite simply, brilliant. We only hope we can keep up.

Tigger, with peanut butter from lunch still on her nose. No, she is not always this serene. She's nicknamed "Tigger" for a reason, you know. For instance, she came in one evening (socks and shoes on) and announced that her feet were really dirty and needed washed. I didn't understand how that could be true since her feet had been covered all day (ah, the naivete of parenthood). She removed her shoes and socks to produce the dirtiest feet I have ever seen on a four year old. She had taken off her shoes and socks, filled the socks with dirt, and then, put them back on.

Also, it has to be said, Prince Charming and I call this child "Gollum" sometimes. (Not to her face, naturally.) She can be sweet but not two seconds later screaming this blood curdling scream of defiance that chills you in every parenting bone in your body. We're hoping it's a phase. (That last desperate illusion of parenting. "It's just a phase.")

My little Sweet Pea. She may get a new blog name soon. Something along the lines of "Buster" or "Little Miss Into Everything". She's 18 months going on 5 years old. She rules the roost, or tries to. She knows just enough signs and words to get her point across. How she feels about cameras: indifferent. How she feels about dirt: wonderful stuff! Tastes great! Feels great on your feet! And please, do try the leaves as well.


Karabeth said...

The problem with childhood phases is that about the time you get them out of one they're right smack dab in the middle of another one - and sometimes the second one is worse than the first! (Not that I've had any experience with that kind of thing. No one I've ever known comes to mind as an example.) :)

Anonymous said...

Is Polly available for contract leaf service?

Pastor Dad

Lisa said...

I have to admit that I really did "laugh out loud" at least 3 times while reading that post. Oh, how I miss those crazy little girls!

Tarah said...

These pictures are amazing! Great job!

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