Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sleep or the lack thereof

I don't have the ability or, frankly, the willingness, to discuss exactly what's up with my family right now.

Sunday night I got absolutely no sleep. I read, I prayed, I cleaned, I prayed, I watched the early morning news, I prayed, I wrote...You get the idea. Lots going on but no sleep happening. So Monday I took a long nap, thanks to Prince Charming, and went to bed early.

Sleep seemed like the most precious commodity for about 36 hours. How wonderful to wake up feeling rested and able to do the next thing.

I couldn't help thinking about Sweet Pea during my quest for sleep. The girl can sleep anywhere. Just the other day I noticed her like this:
Yes, I had been working at the computer. She came and fell asleep right next to my chair. She had been so quiet I didn't even realize she was there.

Oh to be so secure!


MacKenzie said...

We are praying with you! But do try and get some more sleep.

Amy Moore said...

Oh how sweet are those pictures of her! Oh to only be a child again...when things were so simple and our hardest decision was which toy to play with, barbies or army men?
You're still in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

Hang on, honey. God will lead us out of this fog and the sun will shine brilliantly again. I've already seen His lamp pointing the way. As hard as it has been, I am praising Him!

I had been praying some very specific prayers and didn't understand why God wasn't giving me answers one way or the other. Even the Monday night Bible study was difficult. When there is sin in the camp, all of God's people suffer. It is no different for families.

Love you much!


Lisa said...

I can still sleep anywhere too. It drives Dan nuts! He never knows where he'll find me in the house! =)

Jodi said...

Praying for you all! I don't know what you are going thru but I do know that God is greater than any problem! I thought of you last night at Bible Study when we were studying about Elijah ... he was right in the center of God's will ... right where God told him to be at Cherith and yet his brook dried up! Sometimes things happen so unexpected and we can't understand why... but God is always there ... nothing takes Him by surprise! HE has everything under control!!

Love ya,

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