Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Princess, A Dog, and a Bunny...

Walk into a church. No, this is not at joke. At least, not that kind of joke. Last night was our church's Harvest Party. It's big. Huge. Flooded with kids, candy, and excitement. We do have rules about what type of costume you can wear, so many of the children don't wear their costumes because they would not be appropriate. A lot of children do, though. Ours included. Polly dressed as Princess Leia. I bought the dress as part of an angel costume. We disposed of the Christmas garland type halo, added a belt we already owned, and I bought a long length of fake hair at the beauty supply store. The hair was the best part - tons of fun to do. Polly has always wanted buns. I think she got more than she ever wanted!

Tigger was a dog. The costume was a bit too small, but it's what she wanted and it was $6. Can't beat that. Plus, it actually has battery powered barking. That feature was a real selling point for Tigger. For me, not so much.

Sweet Pea was a floppy eared bunny. She was not really into the whole dressing up thing. Her face is hurting a bit right now, for one (eczema flair up). She was, however, really into the getting candy thing. We found no less than two tootsie rolls with bites out up them. Still wrapped.

We still have a trick or treat parade to look forward to on Friday, followed by our tradition of going to Gram's house and trick or treating her neighborhood, even if The Bear is too old to want to be seen with us.

And we're under orders to bring home "lots of chocolate." Prince Charming's wish is my command.

*I really don't want to get into the whole "Christians & Halloween" discussion right now. If you disagree with us trick or treating, that's fine. I don't like all the negative things about it, either. But we do really like the candy. =)


MacKenzie said...

I feel Sweet Pea's pain with the eczema but she is too cute in that bunny suit!

Also, it is so sad that so many children's costume would be inappropriate but I see it all the time. We got a flyer from the local halloween costume store and I don't think I would have allowed my daughter (if I had one) to wear 90% of the ones they had pictured. You do such a good job showing us how little girls can be cute little girls, in costume or not.

Amy said...

Seems to me it would be pretty rude for someone to come to YOUR blog and 'preach' at you about anything you choose to do or not do with your own kids.

Although we don't dress up for Halloween I have to say I love how frugal you were w/your costumes. And $6 for the dog one?!? Wow! :)

Now keep an eye on those tootsie rolls. ;)

Lisa said...

They all look super adorable, as usual!

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