Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Polly's Dreams Fulfilled

It's been awhile since this blog has seen much pictorial evidence of the three cutest girls on the planet. (Um, those would be our girls, just for clarification). Some of the goings-on around these parts have been quite momentous. We'll start with Polly, 'cause, you know, she's the first born, and therefore, gets to go First. Often. Except when Tigger won't let her or when Sweet Pea line jumps. Sweet Pea is quite the buster these days.

So what's up in Polly's world? Well, she had her first pony ride. Last weekend at our annual hayride/corn maze/ farm visit / bonfire extravaganza, Polly's grandad treated her to something that Polly has wanted "all my life!" (Direct Polly quote there.)

So she rode this dashing steed sweet little pony around this fenced area. And she had a ball. Her only regret? "I should have brought my cowgirl hat!"

The big news for Polly (and for her disbelieving parents) is this (and this is yet another thing that Polly has long awaited):

Yes, the tooth fairy has made her first visit to our little house. Do you know that the tooth-fairy brings dollars these days? Actual paper money as opposed to the lovely little coins she brought back in my day. 'Tis true. Polly told us that Gram told her so. Who am I to doubt Gram or the tooth fairy?

This brings up several questions: a) How can my baby girl be old enough to have lost a tooth? and b) Why is it that the child that knows the truth about Santa Claus and has never believed in such a creature as the Easter Bunny, is so convinced that there is a Tooth Fairy?

Be sure to tune in tomorrow (or whenever I get around to it) for Tigger Tales.

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Lisa said...

I guess you'll just have to buy polly a pony for her birthday to really blow her mind!

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