Thursday, October 23, 2008

Plink. Plank. Plunk. Pow!

Sorry about that headline (blog title, whatever). The piano tuner is here, tuning a piano that hasn't been tuned in, at the very least, a decade. It's probably more like two or three decades.

I play our piano every day so I know I'll be pleased with the improvement but (you knew that was coming, right?) right now it's as if a very persistent toddler is in there playing every single note four or five times. Oh, wait, I know what that sounds like. This is just the piano tuner.

Have I mentioned our piano is in our kitchen? Why, you ask? Honey, that's an easy one: it's the only place in our tiny little cottage that a piano would fit. And yes, I am now referring to our home as a cottage. It makes it sound nicer than it is.

If this tuning keeps up much longer I'm going to become the crazy lady with the piano in the kitchen who lost all her marbles. I heard that snarky comment you just muttered ("Already happened") That wasn't nice, you know. I'm only half-way round the bend. Just pray the piano tuner doesn't send me the rest of the way.

Meanwhile, how about giving a new blogger some traffic? My very own mother is starting up a blog: On a High Hill. Like I told her, the plan is this:

1. Get everyone in our family to start blogging.
2. ???
3. World Domination

We're part way there already.

And would you please remind me, the next time the piano needs tuned: take the girls and go shopping. Or to the library. Or anywhere, really.

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Anonymous said...

Need piano-tuning update

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