Friday, October 31, 2008

October 31st

Busy day ahead. Bullet point blogging commencing:

1. Taekwondo in the morning. Oops. Overslept. Never mind about that one.

2. Regular school work to finish.

3. Regular cleaning / house routine.

4. Parade at Toys 'r Us for the two big girls and their daddy. A new thing we've added this year.

5. Pumpkin soup & harvest salad for supper. The pumpkin soup is a recipe I cut out. You float crescent roll cut outs (in leaf shapes) on the top. We'll see. I really hope it is good. The girls are sceptical.

6. Gram's house for trick or treating. We do this every year. It used to be we would take the Bear with us but he's outgrown us. One of Polly's friends went with us several years in a row, but not this one. Oh well. Polly is still looking forward to tonight. I think she has visions of covering the entire neighborhood at record speed. If she talks her daddy into going with her, the little ones and I may be on our own. Fine by me!

7. The great candy sort.

8. Bedtime snack. (We usually let them have one piece of the candy they just brought home)

9. Bedtime. Ridiculously late for the girls who will be hyped on excitement, adrenaline, sugar, and brisk night air.

And, before I forget, Belated Happy Birthdays to my Grandma (yesterday) and Airman Dan (Monday). Grandma's birthday I remembered in real life. Airman Dan...I did not.

Better get back at it! And if you don't hear from me for awhile you'll know I'm in a chocolate bar induced coma.

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Allyson said...

Little known fact, my brother's full name is Edward Brent Gilbert. When he got to UT for college, he started going by Ed.
Made for a fun time when he started dating Denise, she never knew to ask for Brent when she called our house.

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