Thursday, October 9, 2008

Make It Stop!

Okay folks, my apologies but I've had to re-enable that annoying little strip of words when you post a comment. I got 3 (!) spam comments just this afternoon.

I'm sorry 'cause that little blurry image of words annoys me, too. But that's the way it has to be for now.


Amy said...

And that is why I keep those annoying blurred letter-things on my blog too.
And why I knowingly tolerate the hassle of commenting on blogs that have them! :)

Kelly said...

I didn't even tell you about the awful spam comment I got. Somehow we've become targets in the spamming world. :)

Mark said...

Not a problem.

Jessica said...

That stinks. I havent had a spammer yet so I am still blurry letter free. I had them for a long time trying to avoid them, then I did away with them and so far so good.

Happy Birthday to Tigger! That's what my parents called me when I was a kid. :)

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