Friday, October 17, 2008

In Which I Relate a Possible Coincidence

Sometimes I manage to creep myself out. Today for instance. Here's what happened: the two oldest girls were off to Taekwondo with their Gram. Prince Charming was off teaching. I was home, with Sweet Pea, doing some baking in preparation for our family reunion this weekend. (Chocolate Covered Cherry Brownies, in case you were wondering. Yes, they are amazing.)

That's not the creepy part. While baking aforementioned brownies I had the sudden but strong inclination to listen to my Evita Soundtrack. Yes, I happen to own the two-disc deluxe Evita movie soundtrack. That's not weird, is it?

Anyway... Once the brownies were in, and while listening to disc 1, I googled Eva Peron, which I have never done before. In my research casual reading I came across this interesting fact: October 17 is, to this day, something of a holiday in Argentina, because it's the day Juan Peron was released from jail. Wikipedia article here.

Today? October 17.

See? Creepy.

And yes, I am fully aware that the Evita musical is not at all historically accurate, thank you. Sometimes I'm just in the mood to listen to a spectacle. (Unpack that mixed illusion!)


MacKenzie said...

I concur, that is creep.

Kelly said...

Oh yes, let's check Wikipedia. It's the most accurate source becasue anyone can edit it. That makes it the most sound :) (As my dad would say.)

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