Friday, October 24, 2008

A Craft Bleg - Or: No, that's not a Typo

Something about the cooler weather makes me want to get out my craft stuff. It could be inspiration, it could be cabin fever. (Yep, the second one seems more likely to me too).

Cold weather also makes me want to put on my flannel jammies and curl up in my bed with hot chocolate and a book. But people look at you funny if you try to do that all day long. Which is why I try to keep that habit in check. I win some, I lose some.

Where was I? Right. Crafts. My main deal is scrapbooking. I love the papers, I love the glue and all the neat little do-dads. (O.K, yes, I realize that sophisticated people call those fun little things "embellishments". Whatever. ) I've made some tentative forays into card making, stamping, etc. And I've attempted a few sewing projects.

I am not a seamstress. I do not rhapsodize about my humble little sewing machine. I'm fairly convinced it hates me anyway. (Or that could just be me projecting my feelings...) But I'm willing to try. I've got lots of clothing reconstruction ideas that I want to be able to complete.

Anyway, craft season (fall-winter) means I need more inspiration. That's where you all come in. What are your absolute favorite craft blogs or sites? I'm looking for some more and I figure anyone who reads my blog must be the smartest, best connected blog reader in the blogosphere. (Hey, a little buttering up never hurt, right?)

So: post 'em in the comments. Yes, even if it's your own site. I need all the inspiration I can get if I'm going to resist the big pillows and paperback calling my name.

(By the way, "bleg" is short for blog beg. See? I know stuff.)


MacKenzie said...

I wish I could help but I too need good craft sites. I used to use another blogger's craft blog roll as my main source of inspiration but then she took it down and now I am lost and can't remember a single one of those blogs.

MacKenzie said...

oh wait, I just remembered the sew mama sew blog - -Look for the create and celebrate posts for good links. And while it is about sewing, many of the blogs it links are all inclusive craft blogs.

Kelly said...

I could always teach you to crochet :) But other than that I'm not too crafty. Sorry!

Renae said...

I was going to say Sew Mama Sew, too. And here are some sewing projects I bookmarked:

Now I need to get busy! :D

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