Friday, September 5, 2008

A Week's Worth of History

These are the books Polly and I read this week to supplement our history studies:
This one I read to all the girls. Tigger really liked the kites. An interesting introduction to the concept of monks and monasteries.

This one Polly and I read together. Some words were a bit above her level but she did very well. We didn't like this story very much. I admit that I'm a little rusty on my Arthurian legends. I doubt I would have chosen this book had it not been recommended in the Story of the World 2 activity guide.

Polly and I read this one together. She enjoyed the story. It is actually the same story as the next book, although this older book has more detail.

This is about the same man as the previous book. The illustrations are just gorgeous. I read this aloud to Polly and Tigger. Polly really enjoyed it since she already knew a bit about the story. She could have read more of this one herself, but I read it to her while she was working on other things.

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