Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Prince Charming Saves...Something

Remember when I was grouching yesterday? Well, one of the irritants was a situation with a store. I e-mailed their customer service the very day what I'm now calling "the incident" occurred. Customer Service is really not what they ought to call that function of their website. They still haven't gotten back to me.

Today Prince Charming rode in on a white charger...okay, no. No horses were involved. My beloved can't stand horses. But he did spend twenty minutes on the phone with customer service. And then he took the offending items back to the store in an effort to get things fixed.

And fixed they are.

After much wrangling (I can only assume here, based on a two minute conversation we had on the phone) the store manager finally agreed to give us what was due. I had been ready to toss all items involved and wipe the store dust from my feet, vowing never to shop there again. (I can be dramatic when I wish)

Now all that has been averted. Just another reason why I call him Prince Charming. Slaying the dragons - or drugstores - when the need arises.

Prospects: looking up. Except for that store. I'll be watching them very closely in the future.

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Jessica said...

I finally posted that meme on my blog. The rules said I was to notify you as soon as I did it. Well...I did it! FINALLY! haha

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