Friday, September 12, 2008

A New Blog in 10 Easy Steps

Step one: begin coveting longing for a three-column blog.

Step two: find several free three-column templates.

Step three: pester sweetly ask your husband for his help.

Step four: wait.

Step five: finally get around to importing new template.

Step six: dislike some element. Break for lunch.

Step seven: stare in bewilderment as everything related to your blog falls apart.

Step eight: spend hours trying, coaxing, searching, re-writing code.

Step nine: give up and call brother-in-law with magical computer related skills.

Step ten: thank your brother-in-law for his magical computer skills. Promise yourself you'll be more patient with him on blogging issues in the future.


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Jessica said...

Love your new look! We were without power too. :) Glad you're back.

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