Tuesday, September 23, 2008

In Which I Grouch

Today is a beautiful day. I am nonetheless feeling a bit tetchy. Here, in no particular order, are some general complaints:

- when people say they will do something and then do not do it

- when people say they will not do something and then they do it

- when I get in our mini van to run an errand and the gas is on empty

- when I buy gas at our grocery store, go in to buy groceries, and gas is $0.10 cheaper than half an hour ago

- when a product is advertised but the store doesn't have the item

- when a drugstore chain (starts with "W", ends with "algreens") cheats me out of a $10.00 rebate

- when people take it upon themselves to "fix" things that they have no business "fixing", thereby creating more work for me (or Prince Charming)

- when the only mail we get is junk

- getting mail for people who haven't lived in this house for a decade

- when people make excuses that insult my intelligence

- when I stay up too late reading a book and have no one to blame but myself for my fatigue the next day, except maybe the author of aforementioned book

- when I expect something will happen one way and then it doesn't

Le sigh. Now I must put on my happy face and be about Tigger's birthday business. The countdown has begun. My middle child has already informed me that, "Next year I'll be five!" Yes, but first we have to survive turning four.

Le sigh again.


Philip said...

Test Comment. :)

Anonymous said...

More chocolate, Girl. More chocolate!


Anonymous said...

LOL! That sounds like a typical day over at my house!

-Christine from Arizona

Jessica said...

Fun day. I'm glad your prince charming came to your rescue and saved the day. I went to your profile and it showed you have another blog called name fascination. I tried to open it and it wouldn't let me.?

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