Sunday, September 21, 2008

In Which I Confess a Binge

A scrapbooking binge, that is. Yes, Friday and Saturday, when not fulfilling other obligations (like, you know, homeschooling, motherhood, etc.), I spent every free second scrapbooking.

Things to note about this excess of creativity:

- 25 completed pages (12 one day, 13 the next)

- Some pages were of Polly's baby days. Yeah, those days were six years ago. But who's counting?

- Most pages were for Sweet Pea's baby album. Again, yes, those pictures documented her birth and early days which were, sad to say, eighteen months ago. Again, who's counting?

- A few pages were pictures as recent as this summer. That's pretty amazing, for me.

- No, I don't work in chronological order, topic order, or any other kind of order. I know, I know. It's completely unlike me. But, believe it or not, I like to just flip through my pictures (which are in chronological order of course) and see what inspiration strikes. This is no excuses time. I'm a recovering perfectionist. (HA!) Sure, I'd love to have magazine quality pages. What I'd love even more than that: finished pages my girls can actually look at.

- I've used up every.single.adhesive. in my supply. Seriously. I have like one tiny sheet of gold picture corners and one little bag of black ones. I don't use these very often (they're actually left over from an album I made my grandparents). Photo splits: gone. Acid free glue stick: gone. Clear photo corners: gone. Adhesive runner that is supposedly re-fillable but never actually refilled properly: also gone.

I think it's time to hit Hobby Lobby or the big M. If I can just get out without buying a bunch of paper. I'm a paper junkie. I love to buy the stuff. Whether I'll use it or not is another question. And I think albums are half off this week. And maybe some cute embellishments...


MacKenzie said...

I switched to digital last year and love it because I can get all sorts of free stuff. Before I was find all sorts of paper and stickers but didn't think Craig would appreciate me spending a dollar for a piece of paper! But I still enjoy wandering the aisles for ideas.

MacKenzie said...

Oh dear, please ignore my awful grammar. It was a sad cause of editing gone wrong.

Jessica said...

I need to join you on that binge for sure!

Britt said...

Yeah, I really need to do some scrapbooking too!! I still haven't done our wedding book and it's been over a year and there's a baby on the way!!! :-D I have everything but the pictures! ;-) I have no wedding picture printed except for the ones I framed. :-) Welcome to the world of digital. :-D I think it will be a good morning sickness project!!!! :-D

Amy said...

Our Hobby Lobby has papers on sale 5/$1. :) Just so you know. In case yours does too.
I don't even scrapbook and I wanted to stock up!

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