Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I'm All Alone...

You have to imagine that heading sung with a Donkey singing voice (a.k.a. Eddie Murphy). You know, the donkey from Shrek. You don't know? Never mind.

Anyway, here I sit all alone. Prince Charming is off teaching other people how to talk. Or something like that. He's using the textbook I recommended so I did contribute, in my own little way. But it's mostly all him and will be mostly all him for the next couple months. I've already taken speech class, thank you very much. Got the A+, listened to the stumbling fumbling speech attempts of people who should never have been allowed to graduate high school much less attend college, spent hours in the library because everyone but me had to do extra credit work just to pass... But I digress.

Tuesday nights are now mine. To do with as I wish. Once I get those little goobers sweet innocent girls in bed. Tonight they went down without much of a fight. One story, one drink of water. One warning that "Yes, you will get your jammies on right now." Lullaby c.d. playing softly. Forcible removal of a toothbrush from Sweet Pea's sticky fist. You know, the usual.

But what to do with the hours stretching before me? Work on my novel? Too much work. Scrapbook some more pages? I'd have to pull out all my stuff. Go through the 75 magazines my mother-in-law brought me? Maybe. And yes, there are seventy-five. I counted. It's like I've died and gone to magazine heaven.

Prince Charming suggested I watch a movie. That's what he'd be doing if I were gone but I'm not in a movie watching mood. (Read: I'm not feeling like singin' / dancin' -Musical or sappily sighing - Romance) I ought to finish up some pesky chores. I could pull out the girls' fall clothes and get them in the wash, just in case it turns cold this week.

Or I could fool around on the computer, catching up on blogs, more political news, and some plain old silliness.

Yeah, I'm thinking that seems most likely to happen, too.

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Jessica said...

Me too! Me too! I am posting and catching up on my blog reading all at the same time. Good for us.

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