Tuesday, September 9, 2008

End of Summer Swim

Belated photos of our annual End-of-Summer-Help-Close-Grandpa's-Pool-Swim (Also known as Labor Day): Despite not being overly fond of the slip 'n' slide, Sweet Pea loves swimming. She moseys around in her oh so stylin' float until someone gets her out. Then she tries to swim out of our arms. Unlike our oldest two she is not one smidge afraid of the water. Which means we have to really watch her.
Tigger strikes a sweet pose. (Don't be fooled!) Notice the Kool-Aid-ish mustache? Grandma had flavored water and it was quite the hit for the young crowd.
Polly in her preferred float. At one point both Polly and her best friend M were on this float. Unfortunately no one got a picture of that.
And, I regret to say that no one took any pictures of Prince Charming in the pool. It happens about once every three years and this was the year. However, since there's no photographic evidence, maybe I can con him into getting again next year. But I won't hold my breath.

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