Friday, August 1, 2008

Upon Reflection over Junior Camp

Note to self: Invent anti-whine spray. It would be an instant must have product. I envision this as similar to bug spray. One squirt and the little squirt before you would instantly begin speaking in rational, sweet tones and cheerfully obey.

Further note to self: You are not a 7, 9, or even 12 year old kid. You can play dodge ball and shark tag all you want. You will pay for it. You might even die. OK, you won't die but you will be mentally kicking yourself for days. Measure the cost.

Yet further note to self: staying up 'til 2:00 am talking with Kelly on the last night is a fulfilling, worthwhile, fun activity. But you will have to sleep 17 hours in a row the next day to make up for it.

Final note to self: despite these downsides camp is the best way to bond to the children of your church and enables you to minister to their hearts and not just their actions. You'll go again next year. And you will love (almost) every minute.


Anonymous said...

You and Philip are an extraordinary team and we are blessed to have you here for so many reasons - a top-notch Junior Camp program among them!

Pastor Dad

Kelly said...

Just be thankful you're sleeping your own bed. I had to spend my 17 hours of (almost) continuous sleep in a car with four other people! But you're right- it was worthwhile :)

Kelly said...

This post almost applies perfectly to this past week too, except you were a lot closer to dying and we made it two hours longer. :)

And I just realized that your live traffic feed shows that I had to search for myself to find this post. How embarrassing!

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