Thursday, August 21, 2008

Six Random Things

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I was tagged by Amy over at Buffaloes & Butterfly Wings.

Without further ado, here are my (very) random things:

1. I like to be on time (read: early) to pretty much anything. I hate being late. I very much dislike it when other people are late. If I'm late to something here are a few possible reasons: a) lots of traffic b) one of my kids threw up c) I don't really want to be where I'm supposed to be. So now you know.

2. I never pumped a tank of gas until after I was married. I still dislike having to do it.

3. When and if I partake of a soft drink (Coke, for you southerners) I prefer it from a fountain rather than a bottle or can. And, much as I love good old Coca-Cola, there is nothing yuckier than warm, flat Coke in a can. Yuck!

4. I have notebooks and files full of ideas gleaned from magazines. Occasionally I even use them. Hey, at least I don't keep every magazine I get.

5. I hid money around my room when I was a kid. Varying amounts but I always kept a $10 behind a picture hanging up. Now that I think about it, it doesn't seem like a healthy compulsion.
6. I've never had a broken bone or major surgery or even been hospitalized other than for the births of my children. And I'd like to keep it that way.

There you go. 6 completely absolutely true / boring things about me. Now I tag these 3 people because I can't come up with 6 just now they're my favorites:





MacKenzie said...

We are so alike. I too hate being late and pumping gas. I had pumped gas before I got married but have only done it two or three times since then. We only have one car and Craig is nice to be and keeps it full.

And I really want to have a idea notebook but haven't ever gotten around to it. Most of the magazines I read are from the library and I don't think they would appreciate me ripping out pages.

Amy said...

Your hiding money reminds me of the girl in the Babysitters' Club books that hid candy all over her room. I always wanted to do that. :)

Jessica said...

Ah. I didn't know I was memed on here. I will have to get right to that as soon as I post the other million things on my list. I WILL do it! :)

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