Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pink Distractions

I was sitting in church Sunday night. So far, so usual, right? I had just taken my seat as the music service was over and I had been playing the piano. Again, not unusual because I'm the main church pianist. Then my eyes drifted away from the front of the auditorium. Specifically, my gaze was drawn to the white walls of our building.

There, in the midst of all the pristine white walls, a sticker taunted me. It was small, round, and very pink. Now, this type of thing would normally annoy me a bit, what with it not belonging there and everything. But this time it really bothered me. Why?

I recognized that sticker. And it had my oldest daughter's name right smack dab in the middle. Yes, thank you so much, person who gave my daughters stickers with their names on them. Now there will be no doubt who is trying to brighten up our church decor with little splashes of pink.

I'm reasonably sure the oldest is not the culprit in this case. Tigger really likes stickers. Really likes them. And they show up in odd places where stickers ought not to be. She thinks that our "stickers are just for papers" is a creativity crushing rule.

That sticker glared at me all through service. Yes, I did listen to the sermon. But I think I could have listened better if Prince Charming would have just reached his long arms over there during one of the prayers and yanked that thing right off. But, despite my fervored whispering, he would not do it.

As it was, I had to wait until I walked back to the piano for the invitation. Next service I'm taking a good look at the walls before I sit down in my pew.

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onthecreek said...

Justin (He was about 3 years old) once stuck one of those BRIGHT yellow SMILEY face stickers on my backside at Walmart BEFORE we started shopping and I found it when we got HOME. :-)Pink on the wall isn't too bad to me. :-)

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