Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I'm Typing as Fast As I Can

So, I had several ideas for the blog this week. But I barely have time to read blogs, much less post on my own.

- The Olympics!
- Back to school plans!
- Doctor's appointments!
- Everything else that falls under the heading: Real Life!

I think my left pinkie got stuck on the exclamation point there for a second...

Prince Charming, creator of the soon to be published board game Revolution, is right in the thick of developing another game. And I just started working on my novel again, after a hiatus for camp that extended just a bit longer than I intended.

Needless to say, we are arm wrestling for the computer these days, despite also having the use of a lovely little laptop (courtesy of Prince Charming's brother). We both want our computer. No, we don't actually arm wrestle. We just stand at the other person's shoulder and look as pitiful as we can.

And now, my turn is over. The pointed and heavy sighs coming from just few feet away tell me so.

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Jessica said...

Aw...too bad your turn ended. I was ready to hear about all your topics that ended with !!!!!!!! :) Hurry and stand over there and give him your best pitiful look and get back on and post! :)

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