Thursday, August 28, 2008

An Afternoon Recap

I'm giving you advance warning that this post is going to be a mixed bag, attitude wise at least. Our family just spent what felt like the entire day in our mini-van. We traipsed from one side of our locality to the other and, let me just tell you, we don't live in a small town.

First stop: Financial planning place. Dave Ramsey's ELP in this area, for those of you interested. It was a very nice - very nice - office. Right on the door it had stuff about "wealth management", which struck Prince Charming and me as quite funny because we have no wealth to manage. Then we entertained our three girls in the very nice conference room while waiting for Mr. ELP. The two youngest girls were just starting to get "antsy" when he came in. Fortunately for us they pulled it together (thanks in no small part to Polly who tried to keep them both entertained and corralled). So, after money talk and plans for certain changes, we were done. Then we had time to kill before stop #2 so we headed to a place in the neighborhood.

Stop #2: The Big Blue Box store. Polly & Tigger played in the staffed play area while Prince Charming, Sweet Pea and I wandered around purposefully examined the many options. We made it out, one hour later, without buying one single thing. I know. I couldn't believe it either.

Stop #3: Traffic. Traffic. And more traffic. Prince Charming went the way he thought instead of the way I suggested. I'm just sayin'.

Stop #4 (slightly late): Polly's TKD class. She apparently didn't miss much. But we realized, thanks to one of the teachers, that we shouldn't have hurried because she is actually supposed to be in the later class because the fall schedule is different from the summer schedule and really, no, it's fine, don't worry but aim for the second class in the future. Guess we shouldn't have worried about the traffic.

Stop #5: Food. A restaurant chain that we didn't have in our area has opened up not far from the TKD place. So we ate there for the first time tonight. The service was good but my steak was overcooked. I know, cry me a river, the steak wasn't just right. But I really hate overcooked steak. Still, my sweet potato & everything else was great. Just not the steak. Moving on now...

Stop #6: Grocery for bread. Yes, I generally do one grocery trip per week. But somehow we managed to come up short on bread - of all things! - this week. So we stopped because I had a coupon that got that bread for $0.20. Even the bread store doesn't beat that. And I bought 2 boxes of waffles for a treat for the girls (spent about $1.20 per box).

Stop #7: Home, at last! To find several less than charming email in Prince Charming's email in-box. One a nitpick suggestion from his brother. And one from one of our former children's program workers. I say former because she informed Prince Charming that not only will she not be helping this year but it is (her words) "time for some of the younger workers to step up". We can't quite decide who she means. The girl working and going to college all the time after her life fell apart this spring? The woman whose husband has just left her? The couple who have a brand new baby who are already serving in multiple ministries in addition to the Wednesday program? Who exactly is supposed to be "stepping up"? 'Cause I'd really like to know.

Wow, I feel better. Now I think I need to put myself to bed with a good book and for tomorrow? I'm staying home all day. Well, except for a quick trip to the library. But other than that - home, home and more home and I'm avoiding my beloved's email. It isn't good for my blood pressure when I check it.


onthecreek said...

You need chocolate girl! Consider this a HOT FUDGE SUNDAE with extra hot fudge, choco chips sprinkled on top and served in a chocolate covered bowl. :-)

Anonymous said...

I second the chocolate suggestion! Works for me.

Dr. Mom says take one "normal size" candy bar, NOT the king size, (because they are great going down but leave buyer's remorse that makes worse a blood pressure problem) go to your bedroom, throw everyone else out of the room (yes, including Prince Charming), prop yourself up on the bed with lots of pillows and INDULGE!!!

This is much cheaper than therapy, or so I've heard.

Oh, yeah. One more thing. Ignore all those knocks on the door when the others try to get in for the purpose of getting you to share. I've found that earbuds attached to good music help with this.


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