Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Where I Spent Last Week

The building where most stuff happened: The barn where Dodgeball games to the death and repeated variations of cries along the lines of "Cheater! You cheated!" happened (That's the snack bar on the side):
The beautiful dining hall. Where sat on the porch and rocked in rocking chairs as if this were the world's largest Cracker Barrel:
The inside of the beautiful dining hall:
Our teen camp has used this camp facility for the last 3 years. (Our junior camp has used it for 6). It's practically home away from home...or not.

Why haven't I shared pictures of the girls' cabin or "bathhouse"? (Neither a house nor a place of bathing...discuss.) Because the horrors are still etched in my mind and I didn't want to waste precious digital space on those places. Later I'll share pictures of What We Did at camp. (Hint: camp stuff when we weren't being attacked my Shelob.)