Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Where I Spent Last Week

The building where most stuff happened: The barn where Dodgeball games to the death and repeated variations of cries along the lines of "Cheater! You cheated!" happened (That's the snack bar on the side):
The beautiful dining hall. Where sat on the porch and rocked in rocking chairs as if this were the world's largest Cracker Barrel:
The inside of the beautiful dining hall:
Our teen camp has used this camp facility for the last 3 years. (Our junior camp has used it for 6). It's practically home away from home...or not.

Why haven't I shared pictures of the girls' cabin or "bathhouse"? (Neither a house nor a place of bathing...discuss.) Because the horrors are still etched in my mind and I didn't want to waste precious digital space on those places. Later I'll share pictures of What We Did at camp. (Hint: camp stuff when we weren't being attacked my Shelob.)

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onthecreek said...

Dodgeball brings back such horrid memories for me. In grade school that was the game of choice by the boys and our gym teacher being a boy himself always let them have their way. I HATED that game. I had surgery in the 4th grade and played ill as long as I could so I woudn't have to play in gym. I can't bring myself to like the gym teacher who is an old man now. I can rmember big red splotches all over me when I'd get home from being hit by "DJ" who was the meanest dodgeball player ever known.
Sorry for the rant. Just bad memories brought to mind. ;-)

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