Saturday, July 5, 2008

What's Up

On my bedside table: Five books - 3 nonfiction, 2 poetry. Each partially but not completely read. And one more on the floor beside my bed. (It's too big for the table!)

On my c.d. player: This Frank Sinatra c.d. loaned to me by my dad. The girls and I are really enjoying it (sometimes playing it twice through) but I'm not sure Prince Charming is as into it as we are. Bit of trivia: Frank & Nancy Sinatra had the first and only father-daughter #1 song. And it's on this c.d. ("Something Stupid" which is actually very pretty and not stupid at all)

On my computer: 39, 444 words of my novel. About 5,000 of which were written this week. And most of those are probably the wrong words or in the wrong place or both. Meanwhile these people are living in my brain 24/7 rent free. I hope none of you has the idea that writing a novel is romantic. Come over to my house and I'll show just how un-romantic it is and yet...

On the menu: homemade bean burritos. Quick and easy is the name of the game here. And yes, we are still living without a microwave. We did actually buy a new microwave but we returned it the next day because we realized we didn't need it.

On my piano: This music I bought with some of my birthday money. I love everything in it but I notice I'm playing one song from S&S more than the others.

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