Monday, July 14, 2008

What We're Doing

Well, the young'uns (that's Southern Speak for "my children") are off for a visit with the Southern part of their family. The oldest two have been looking forward to this for literally weeks, maybe even months. Or so Polly told me before she left. I'm thinking they're not going to waste a lot of time pining for their Mama, if any.

Sweet Pea (not actually considered a "young'un" yet, more like a "little 'un") is, fortunately for me, not two states away. She is a mere 45 minutes away and will most likely be around to see me at several points in the week.

And why are my children scattered around the U.S.? Prince Charming and I are loafing around suffering for the Lord at our church's camp for teenagers. 'Cause, you know, nothing says fun like sharing a cramped cabin with around 20 hormonal under 18-year-old females. Not to mention the 20 or so hormonal, stinky, ego-maniacal, bundles of immaturity known as the teenage boy that will also be around.

But plans for this have been in the works for ages. And it's as unto the Lord because, all joking aside, camp is a wonderful ministry and is known to change lives (including mine).

And in another week we get to do it all again. Except this time with the under 12 set. And my children will be close by to partake of the fun. And the "cabins" for the Junior crowd are actually air-conditioned.

I know, I know. But someone has to do it.

Anyhow, back to all the planning. I made lists. Lots of lists. Top on my planning list? Sunscreen. Because after two weeks without it I would look like this:

Only less cute. And a little madder.

Catch you folks on the flip side!

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