Thursday, July 3, 2008

Picture Saboteurs

Hey, girls, let's show everyone your new bee-you-ti-ful dresses! Um, Polly, this is isn't a prison photo. Look happy!
Oh, Tigger, you closed your eyes...
Sweet Pea, honey, there isn't even any spraying water. Why are you pitching a fit now?
Um, no. This is possibly the worst family picture, ever.
No, this isn't better. I quit.

Why do I have the feeling that, had they been wearing absolutely ragged and filthy old outfits, they all would have smiled and cooperated?!


Ariel said...

The new dresses are beautiful and I dare say that of course they will be model angels next time they have food on the faces and dirt between their toes. They're cute regardless!

lulu said...

Oh, I love all their funny faces!

onthecreek said...

We've got some of those. We still take some of those and they are 20 and 25. :-) We got a real good one at K-Mart one time of them setting back to back with their arms crossed. I'll try and post it some day. Some day the girls will ask you why oh why did you put those big bows in their hair. Britt asks why every time we go through photos. I liked them :-) She had this pink dress I made for her and one for her friend and these humongous pink bows and she said they looked like Minnie Mouse. :-)
The dresses are very pretty.

Amy said...

That looks EXACTLY like picture time at our house! (except withouth the gorgeous dresses!) ;)

Jessica said...

Good to hear from you. Always enjoy pics of your girls. :)

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