Monday, July 7, 2008

On Writing

Amy of Untangling Tales has been gracious enough to answer some of my questions. Some of our "conversation" you can read here.

I'm not sure all my questions came out the way I intended, but that's what happens when you are operating with 30% of your brain cells. (That may be generous for how I'm feeling these days.)

Question #3 (What do you consider a short or long novel) I had actually intended to be more about what we read than what we write. I am a prolific reader. I'll read anything. Moreover, I read everything: road signs, cereal boxes, junk mail, catalogs, magazines of all types, movie cases, dictionaries, juvenile fiction or non-fiction, young adult fiction or non-fiction, adult fiction and non-fiction of all types. I go through stages when I'll read everything of a certain genre I can get my hands on. I have decided opinions about what makes a "good" book or a "good" read (and they are not necessarily the same thing!) but I'll give almost anything a shot.

Where this complicates writing is trying to decide where my book fits in all this. I consider a 300-400 page novel fairly easy reading. I just finished a 1,000 page non-fiction book which I thoroughly enjoyed. As a kid I read through complete volumes of the encyclopedia (I've heard that my dad did this too, so maybe it's hereditary). As I've gotten older I've tried to limit my fiction, even though I can read most things quite quickly, because I want to be educating and edifying myself instead of simply entertaining or evading responsibility. (How's that for alliteration!) And no, I haven't cut out all "fun stuff". Just read my book lists and you'll see.

All that to say, I'm not sure what other readers consider long or short. I'm not really interested in hearing "industry standards". I want to know what you like to read or what you consider a hardship. I'm starting to realize that not everybody reads like I do. I've always known that, I guess, but the implications have been lost on me before now, when I'm trying to pour out this story that has lived in my head for over a decade.

So, what do you read?


Amy Jane (Untangling Tales) said...

For me a "short" book is anything I can read in one sitting.

In a mathematical sense-- not the my-life-is-calling-and-I-must-answer sense.

Can't give you page numbers or anything. Sometimes I feel like I never read any more, and other times I feel like all I do is read. {shrug}

Amy- Your Cousin said...

I read pretty much anything I can get my hands on but I especially enjoy reading books that are fiction but are realistic fiction..i.e. any Karen Kingsbury novels. I also enjoy any mystery novels. Another enjoyment of mine is do-it yourself type books. Anyways, that's my choice of book. The length isn't as important to me as much as the content is.

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