Thursday, July 24, 2008

More Camp Documentation

One of the classes (this view is only one side of the room): The Slip 'N Slide (I've clumsily edited out a few of our girls who weren't quite blog ready):
The fabulous pool (I swam twice, Prince Charming not even once):
One of the games, played by the leaders of tomorrow (crazy thought!):
Rumor has it that this boy smells really good:

And no, I am not the one who started the rumor. It's finally happened: the teen girls at our camp have realized that The Bear is funny, gentle (usually), athletic, handsome and he smells good. What can I say? We plan to lock him in his house for the next ten or so years. It's that or continue to make him wear these blackout goggles while forbidding him to shower. And no one really wants that.

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