Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Few Rhetorical Questions

Why is it inherently more fun to run around the house in your t-shirt and under-roos? I don't know, ask Tigger. (Side note: at least she's actually wearing big girl underthings. That was a hard fought battle!)

Why is it more exciting to help Mom with the laundry but easier chores like putting silverware away is simply Cinderella level drudgery? I don't know, ask Polly. (Side note: at least she loves helping!)

Why is it better, in order to have the full sensory experience, to eat ice cream with your hands? I don't know, ask Sweet Pea. (Side note: at least she's allowed to eat dairy. And, furthermore, she's so stinkin' cute no matter how messy she is!)

Ah, the imponderables of parenting life.

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Kelly said...

Maybe Polly realizes that clean laundry smells much better than clean silverware. I don't know, just a guess :)

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