Monday, June 16, 2008

You Don't Want To Know

Well, forget what I said last week about my stomach hating me. Turns out it was only slightly disgruntled.

Yesterday, now that's when it really hated me.

But not all day. We had a good Father's Day with family. We ate a big lunch. We were tired but then, who isn't after such a draining week?

But last night from about 10:00 on...I can't even blog about it. But if I were to blog about it, it would look something like this:

10:00 p.m. Prince Charming & I are not feeling very well
10:30 Really not good
11:00 Getting worried at this point
12:00 a.m. Trying to sleep
1:00 Unbloggable horrors that should not even be thought of, much less written out
2:00 More of the above punctuated by intermittent sleep
3:00 Polly wakes up not feeling good
3:15 Polly really not good
3:30 Unbloggable horrors
4:00-6:00 fitful sleep by 2 sick members of family in the living room, 1 person goes back to his own bed, not to name names
6:00 Polly loses whatever she had left in her stomach and proceeds to cheerfully compare this episode to the last stomach bug she had
6:15 Back to fitful sleeping
7:00 Tigger and Sweet Pea up and ready to start the day
10:30 Polly puts herself back to bed
11:00 Prince Charming provides emergency provisions (Gatorade, Sprite, saltines, electrolyte drink for Sweet Pea).
11:10 Prince Charming goes back to bed
11:30 Sweet Pea back to bed; I go back to bed leaving only Tigger up

Which brings us through the worst of it. We're still exhausted and falling asleep even when we don't intend to but hopefully the worst is over.

Turns out Sweet Pea probably wasn't car sick Saturday morning like we thought. And Tigger didn't just skip breakfast Sunday morning for no reason (Tigger is generally not a morning person - today being the exception, of course).

With 4 of us still dragging (Sweet Pea not having fully recovered either), Tigger is bustling around, enjoying her opportunity to act as benevolent nursemaid when the mood strikes her.

So thank-you, mother of sick little boy who sent him to VBS anyway. Thank-you, so much.


lulu said...

I hope you all feel better. How awful. You guys have just had a horrible time with all this sickness. Get well soon!

Amy said...

Oh nooooooo!! :P

So so sorry! I hope tomorrow is a better day. :)

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