Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wait, Wait, Don't Go!

Well, my devoted blog readers - all three of you - I must thank you for your forbearance. And I assure that this is not yet another gripe / grievance / grumble.

Today I woke up - before the alarm went off, which never happens - and determined that today would be better. I would take control of myself. (Which, incidentally, is what we tell Tigger when she is 'pitching a fit'. "Control yourself". So today I took my own advice.) Here's what happened:

I finished reading a book before I had to make sure the barbarians didn't sack my kitchen.

I started a load of laundry. I read one chapter of my Bible before my youngest demanded my undivided attention through a triple combination of cuteness, dirtiness, and insistence. ("Ma-Ma!)

Then my nose started running. And it ran. And it ran. Folks, I had used so many tissues I actually contemplated using my sleeve. I mean, it's right there and it's soft, right?

Don't worry. I didn't actually do it. But I did think about it.

Round about ten it became obvious that pharmaceutical intervention was required. So I complied. Then I ate lunch with the family, got the girls down for their afternoon rest time and sacked out on the couch. (Have I mentioned my stomach still hates me?)

When I woke up my nose was still running. Which required more medicine but I didn't go back to sleep. I moved laundry around and read a bit and just generally vegged while my Prince Charming cooked up one of his stir-fry dinners. (Yes, my husband is an excellent cook - and he cooks most nights. Sorry, ladies, he's taken.)

By the time the last grain of rice was polished off it was time to prepare for another round of VBS. But tonight was different. I fixed my little ol' attitude and got me to church. I can't say what I looked like (one worker told me I looked "sad" and another asked me if I was "o.k." while actually I'm not sad and I'm just fine, thanks.) but I was there, I helped, and most important, I didn't do or say anything that made anyone else mad.

Is the laundry folded? No. Is my house completely tidy? Um, no. Did everyone get fed, dressed and to church reasonably cheerful and alert? Yes. Am I tired of this asking / answering my own questions? Definitely.

So, in sum, slight improvement. I even partook of some the VBS refreshments: cookie only, no Kool-Aid. I'm not saying our Kool-Aid is any worse than any other powder based kid's drink but that's fairly faint praise.


Anonymous said...

As the designated spokesperson for your three readers, it is incumbent upon me to accentuate the positive and to eliminate the negative. (oops! there goes another rubber plant tree)! I personally could use some personal coaching about actually going an entire evening without doing or saying anything that made someone mad - no small accomplishment. Remember, as the saying goes, "The only thing necessary for evil men to grumble is for good men to do something." That doesn't sound quite right, but I did not get any sleep last night and I am about to lapse into grumbling myself so I had better sign off for now. Just remember you are one of my heroes (heroines?) whatever!

Lulu said...

Hope you feel better soon! I HATE running noses- they just keep you from getting anything done.

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