Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Reading Prizes

Our library's Summer Reading Program is in full swing right now. I can't tell you how much it thrills me to walk into our living room and see Polly reading to her younger sisters. Polly is reading everything she can get her hands on right now. She's not quite chapter book ready but she's come a long way since last fall.

But back to the Reading Program, you have to read five books and then you turn in your ticket for a prize. After reading 20 books you get a...wait for it...NEW BOOK of your very own! My only complaint with that is that the selection is rather limited and, as you might guess, I'm rather picky about what books my girls bring home.

That little quibble aside, it's a great program and the girls love it. The prizes are just little carnival type do-dads: rubber ducks, squishy rubber balls and the like. Our girls seem to choose a favorite prize each year that they bring home again and again. One year it was rubber ducks, one year it was jump ropes.

This year it's microphones. Yes, "Echo Microphones" which take Polly's shrill sweet voice and Tigger's voice that could peal paint harmony and project it around our tiny home.

Whatever happened to librarians encouraging us "Shhhh?" I love our library but I can assure you that librarians do not ask people to be quiet any more. Probably because people can't put their cell phones away for the fifteen minutes it takes to pick out a few books or magazines. But I digress.

Polly informs me that "because we have enough microphones now" when a friend comes over this afternoon, "we will have a concert".

So if I complain of a headache in the next few blog posts, you'll know why.

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Amy said...

Dale hit 20 at our library's summer reading program yesterday and he, too came home with a book of questionable quality. Oh well, the lady picked it out especially for him, so what can ya do?

Glad your girls are enjoying themselves. I hope their microphones don't mysteriously disappear in the night! ;)

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