Thursday, June 12, 2008

Quick Update

House, general tidiness of: improving.

Laundry, having been folded and put away: done and done, including those pesky hang up items that I usually procrastinate over until I have another week's worth to deal with.

Nose: marginal improvement, so far no pharmacological intervention required, tissues in pockets at all times still required.

Stomach: much better.

Daily work on novel: alas, not happening this week. I am thinking about it and researching certain elements, so that's something.

General habits: actually managed a long hot shower this morning, feel much more human when clean and oh so sweet smelling. Why is that?

With children: have read to Tigger; did History and Language with Polly; cuddled and tickled Sweet Pea; other various mom-child activities with no yelling or threatening or crying by anyone including me.

Still to do: about a million and a half things but that's better than the billion and a half that had to be done yesterday afternoon. We just might make it.


onthecreek said...

Oh so sorry you've been sick and grumpy. :-) That goes with being a mom. Don't worry about getting it all done. I'm still finding unfinished home schooling task and the last one graduated in 2005. Three years ago now but she's proven to be a good citizen, housewife, child of God and church member. So if it doens't all get done don't worry about it. I've still got tasks to do to the hosue I've had on a list for 4 1/2 years now. We're still breathing, eating and sleeping just fine. I'll get to it all... some day.
Take care and please feel better soon. Children don't like grumpy parents. At least that's what mine tell me. :-)

Lulu said...

Glad you're feeling better! And- what is it about those hang-up clothes that just makes us put it off for so long. I do the same thing....

Anonymous said...

To Karen and Lulu concerning "hang-up clothes:" IT'S HEREDITARY!!!!!!

Mom (or Gram, if you prefer)

Amy said...

Ahhh....but the REAL question... Have you survived VBS?

When I was a kid my mom had a song she sang/chanted at the end of every VBS day, and even more joyfully at the end of the week.
"Bible school is o-ver and we are going home!"
As a kid I never 'got' it... as an adult? I sing it as loud and joyfully as Mom ever did! :)

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