Thursday, June 5, 2008

Photography habits explained

I realize that I've posted a lot of pictures of my girls sleeping in the past few days. The reason, of course, is that I think they're adorable when they sleep.

The reason there are no pictures of Tigger sleeping? Because it is a proverb around here that sleeping Tiggers are not to be disturbed, even to take cute little snapshots. "Let sleeping Tiggers lie" is a good rule of thumb. She hates nap time but she needs it desperately.

More importantly, I need her to take a nap. So unless she falls asleep in the bath or on the floor or outside or something (highly unlikely considering she doesn't sit still long enough to "accidentally" fall asleep), there will be no Tigger napping pictures.

So how 'bout this blurry pigtail pic instead? Look at that sweet little smile. She can't possibly be the handful I'm always describing? Can she? Let's just say that when I start getting gray hair ('cause I don't have any - yet. But the vigilant watch continues...) they will be 80% Tigger's work.


Stephen said...

She is getting big! I can't wait to see you all ...

lulu said...

you mean that happy child?

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