Saturday, June 7, 2008

Library Sale Report

For those of you that know me well, or are at least aware of my shopping habits, you know that I dream all year about the Big Downtown Library Book Sale - Bag Day. Seriously, I do actually dream about it. I'll admit it's a sickness but I'm not going to change.

Anyhow, said sale was Friday. So, thanks to my darling sister who spent all night and watched the girls for us in the morning, Prince Charming and I were there bright and early. Like, 35 minutes before the sale started.

Which you have to do because the line starts forming 45 minutes to and hour before the sale starts. It's that good. And, because this sale is Downtown and there are more than a few unsavory characters around, Prince Charming goes with me and parks our car - which is actually a minivan and have you tried to parallel park those things? Me either. That's another reason why he goes. Then he stands with me in the aforementioned line while the unsavory characters mill about.

Then the doors open, promptly but not early and the line, which has now stretched down the block surges forward. Including unsavory characters who have apparently never met a line they couldn't jump.

I can't stand line jumpers. But I wasn't about to correct these citizens. I value my life more than books, after all. Just barely.

So what you do is buy a bag from the be-aproned library volunteers for $10. It used to be $5 but the bags were smaller. Now it costs more but the bags are bigger. I think it's a pretty good trade. We'll see if next year it will be $10 with smaller bags. That might cool my ardor for this sale. But it probably won't and here's why: we bought four bags. (We started with two but really, what were we thinking? We quickly bought two more.) And we brought home all of this:

28 Paperbacks - lots of classics, a few Shakespeare plays, and even a copy of Wuthering Heights (which Princess pointed out I don't like but hey, there's no rule that says you have to like a book to own it).

4 Hardback fiction - an Agatha Christie mystery, a set of old Rudyard Kipling books, something else that escapes my memory

7 Hardcover art books - five of these are in nice slipcases

2 Hardback non-fiction - titles are currently escaping me

3 travel books - two of these are huge hardback books about Great Britain which Prince Charming and I are planning to visit for our 10th anniversary.

1 vintage set of WW2 headlines from the local paper

3 homeschooling books

3 VHS tapes - sure, we prefer DVD but we can still watch these

15 records - which we can play on our beautiful Crosley

2 78 rpm record sets - these are pre-WW2 vintage. One is Danny Kaye and I forget the other right now.

4 pieces of sheet music or piano books

49 music c.d.s - two of which are duplicates because Prince Charming lost track of what he was getting and because we both picked up the same soundtrack and the other didn't know it. Also one duplicate of a c.d. we bought at the last library sale. But still, that leaves us with 46 new to us c.d.s.

4 books on c.d.

1 foreign language lesson set on tape

7 children's fiction books - including two vintage Beverly Cleary

13 picture books

38 children's nonfiction - these are for our growing homeschool library. I found several great Usborne books and some Kingfisher reference books.

6 children's books on c.d.

8 children's books on tape

15 picture books with story tape - we could have gotten many more of these because the library system is getting rid of all of them. Alas, I did not have the patience, time or bag space to go through them all.

So, that's a total of 213 things, unless I missed something. Which comes to $0.18 a piece. Not too shabby. Last year our price per item was $0.15, but, as I said, the bag price has gone up and we didn't get so many non-fiction books. Nonfiction tends to be heavier than fiction.

Those of you that have seen my house are now laughing yourself silly. "Where are you going to put it all," I hear you saying.

Never you mind. We can always make room for books. Prince Charming suggested we start piling them on top the refrigerator but I'm not that desperate. Yet.

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Amy said...

Wow. Can I come next time!? :)

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