Wednesday, June 18, 2008

In which we return to real life

You'll all be happy to know that our plague of sickness seems to have finally gone away. No doubt to some other poor family, may they recover quickly and may we never ever see the like of it again.

Unfortunately this lack of sickness leaves me with very little good blogging material. Ordinary, everyday procrastination (which I am indulging in now as I ought to be working on my story or at the very least switching the laundry, possibly preparing supper for my children so we can go to prayer meeting in a little bit) just doesn't present many jump off the screen anecdotes.

But wait, I haven't mentioned our fire, yet! No, I'm not referring to the microwave fire. That is so last month. And, by the way, we still have not replaced our microwave and we're getting along just fine. We may get another one someday but for now I like my counter space.

Back to my original story, last Friday night (yes, during VBS), I turned on the oven so we could make a quick fish sandwich dinner. (No lectures on the healthiness of our meals, please. It was supposed to be fast.)

Then I went to the computer to waste some time do important things. A few minutes later Polly calls from the kitchen, "There's a lot of smoke in here."

She did not exaggerate. There was a lot of smoke. And flames. Real, honest to goodness flames leaping in my oven. Prince Charming had me move the children out and check on line to see what to do. The first piece of advice listed on the website Google led me to? "Call 9-1-1". How helpful.

Meanwhile the flames grew hotter... No, I'm just trying to spool this story out. Actually Prince Charming remembered that we do actually own a fire extinguisher for just such an occasion and out that fire went.

So yes, technically, I started another fire. But really it was Prince Charming's fault because he had made a big cheesecake and it spilled over and that's what caught on fire. As to which of us should have cleaned out the oven I really couldn't say. And I'm the one who insisted we have a fire extinguisher anyway, in order to lower our house insurance. So there you go.

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