Monday, June 9, 2008

I'm A Rebel

Oh, yes I am.

I moved Polly out of the class to which the Powers That Be in our VBS had assigned her (after I specified she was to go in another). She is now back in what I consider the proper class for her emotional maturity, reading skills, and spiritual growth.

Also, I manged (unrelated to the whole moving Polly thing) to tick off at least three other teachers. Don't try to reason with them - it just makes them madder. Common sense has nothing against decades of nonsensical tradition. And these are supposedly Christian women and men. Is it any wonder I don't send my child to public school so I can have these same fights against secularists?

Who knew that VBS could be such a perilous battlefield?

Remember when I was grumbling earlier today? Maybe I should have just stayed home. I'm pretty sure this week is not going to be good for my stomach problems.

Next year I think we'll actually go on Vacation during this week.


Kelly said...

Haha. Don't the teachers know where they'd be without us? I mean, who on earth would give them their books and bucks and charts and who knows what else they want? And who would sell their students prizes? And who would ring the bells? And who would sharpen pencils that nobody's going to use? They should have a Vacation Bible School Workers Apreciation Day. :)

Lulu said...

Awww I wish I was at VBS

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